Your Story

“Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.”
– Dr. Ralph J. Bunche

2002 Bunche Scholars (left to right) Gisela De Santiago, Maria Elena Guadamuz, Patrice Howard, Marvin Addison, Naomi Dunson, and Indira Henard at poster session at the APSA Annual Meeting.

For thirty years, the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute has provided academic training, research experience, professional inspiration, access to a supportive network, and financial support for students from diverse backgrounds to pursue advanced degrees and careers in political science. RBSI alumni have made major contributions to the discipline, public policy debates, the legal field, higher education administration and beyond. Your contribution to RBSI and the Ralph Bunche Fund will have far-reaching impact beyond the political science discipline.

Nearly $250,000 is currently required to cover the costs associated with RBSI each year. The costs include full summer session tuition, health insurance, transportation, on-campus room and board, books and instructional materials for 20 students annually. Students also receive a food allowance and a weekly stipend.

APSA and Duke University have been fortunate to have received generous support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) over the years to augment contributions made by both APSA and Duke University – but this funding is not guaranteed. Funding restrictions placed upon NSF in 2013 caused RBSI at Duke University to be cancelled for one year. This is not a scenario we wish to repeat.

1997 Bunche Scholar Michael Salmon (right) at poster presentation with APSA President Richard Fenno (left), University of Rochester.

APSA’s priority is to fully fund the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute not only for this year or next year but for generations of students who will contribute a diverse collection of innovative ideas and approaches to the political science professoriate, as well as other academic and professional fields.

APSA contributed $1,250,000 to start this effort, and with thanks to the generosity of grateful RBSI alumni, members of the political science community, and other sources of support, we are within 20% of our $2,500,000 fundraising goal as of August 2019.

APSA invites you to join us in securing the future of the RBSI program by investing in the next generations of students and scholars. Many of you have benefited from the generosity of others in achieving your goals – now it’s your opportunity to help support the future generations of political science scholars, researchers, and professionals. Your financial gift is the enduring gift of education for those who follow in your footsteps. You can make gifts of cash, stocks, and bequests, and pledge your gifts over as many as five years.